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Joining a recreational softball team is an incredibly healthy thing to do. Whether it’s a company team, neighborhood team, or just a group of friends playing together, recreational league softball has incredible benefits. It is a fun way to get plenty of exercises, socialize with other people, and improve hand to eye coordination. Recreational softball is also a great venue for networking in order to meet new business associates.


One of the main benefits of joining a recreational softball league is the exercise that it provides. The game involves plenty of sprints, jumps, slides, and power-throws. All of these exercises can increase a person’s overall cardiovascular health. Playing softball is also a great way to strengthen joints and loosen up the body, as it is a fairly low-impact and low-intensity sport.


Another great benefit to playing recreational league softball is that it is a great venue to socialize with friends, coworkers, and meet new people. Recreational softball is a very relaxed game and is unlikely to be uncomfortably competitive. People can socialize and strike up friendly conversations during the game, after the game, during practice, or even at work if it is a company softball league.


Playing any recreational sport can leave a person feeling much more accomplished, especially if they set a goal within the recreational sport and achieve it. While winning a game, tournament, or league championship will not directly improve a person’s life in any way, it can instill a strong sense of accomplishment that can last a lifetime. Some recreation softball game results might even make the local newspaper.

Good Memories

Playing a team sport of any kind is also a wonderful way to build a lot of great memories. These memories might be rooted in the game itself, or they might be rooted in pre-game or post-game activities such as a BBQ, restaurant celebration, or a shared pizza. The more great memories a person has the better and recreational softball is sure to build them.

Business Networking

Bonding with people over a sport has been proven to be a great way to build strong business and professional connections. A recreational softball league can be a great place to find a perfect hiring candidate for a job, a would-be start-up investor, or a business partner.