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The game of softball shares a lot of similarities to baseball. The one major part of the sport that is different is pitching. The throwing mechanic requires a fast underhand motion instead of the traditional overhand throw. This means softball pitchers require a completely different set of skills than their baseball counterparts. Just like every other athletic skill, the softball pitching delivery can be perfected with a lot of practice. These are the three pitching drills every softball player needs to perform to improve their skills.

Rapid Fire Drill

Every great softball pitcher needs to have the endurance to pitch the whole game. The perfect way for a pitcher to build up their endurance is by regularly performing the rapid-fire pitching drill. The pitcher will need to stand on the mound with a large bucket of softballs. The player then needs to pitch all of the balls as fast as possible using their normal pitching motion. This should teach them how to pitch effectively with a tired arm. It is best to complete this drill at the end of every practice session.

No Stride Drill

There is nothing more effective in a softball pitcher’s arsenal than an amazing fastball. The pitcher will need a very strong arm in order to develop this dominant pitch, which is where the no stride drill comes in handy. The drill starts with the pitcher throwing five pitches on top of the mound without using striding. They will then back up several feet and throw five more pitches. This process is repeated until the pitcher is no longer able to get the ball back to the catcher.

Kneeling Down Drill

Consistent arm motion is needed to repeatedly deliver accurate pitches. There is no softball pitching drill that helps fine-tune the arm motion better than the knee drill. The pitcher will kneel down on both knees before delivering a series of pitches. The goal is to keep the back completely straight and snap the wrist while releasing every pitch. It is best to throw these pitches into a nearby wall or fence, so the coach can stay focused on the pitching motion. The coach needs to instantly correct any mistakes to remove any flaws from the pitcher’s arm motion.