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Before your season begins, you are probably focusing on getting your softball players in as healthy a position as you can with plenty of strength and conditioning exercises. The problem you may face is that of how to keep your players at their optimum performance level throughout the season once it begins. In many cases, the tournament phase of the season you will find yourself in come the final weeks will be the worst condition your team has been in.

Perhaps the biggest myth regarding the option of in-season training for players of all ages is the need to avoid strength and conditioning plans over the course of your season. Instead of limiting your in-season training plans you should simply adapt to the needs of your players. Many coaches will look to limit the amount of strength work they complete once the season starts by limiting players to a medicine ball or dumbbells. This is not the best option as each player should be looking to use as many tools as possible to maintain their strength for the remainder of the season.

Washington Athletics explains the need for a whole body training program throughout the season as the explosive nature of baseball means the entire body is needed to make the required movements. The old saying of training in the same manner in which you play games is true and sees the level of intensity not expected to drop whether the training is conducted in or out of season.

One of the major plans many coaches undertake as they move through the season is the setting and altering of goals and aims. The main goals of a coach as they move through the season remain the same, including the need to lower the body fat of players and improve their muscle mass. Becoming fitter and healthy can have a positive effect on each player in terms of their physical and mental self-esteem which can have the added benefit of increasing confidence and abilities.

Adding equipment such as mini bands which can be used as part of a warmup routine and as part of a strength and conditioning program is always a good idea. Developing a positive in-season softball training program will reduce the number of injuries seen in your team and move you into the post-season effectively.