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Inspiration is the key to getting the best out of every sports team. However, the drive to get up and shine can fade, especially when losses and unforeseen obstacles come into play. While the coaches remain on the sidelines, they still hold the vital job of keeping their team motivated at all times. Here are a few tips to help them make good on their mission.


Meet With the Team On an Individual Basis

Don’t be afraid of making things personal, in a positive way, of course. People crave recognition for their unique talents and feel secure in knowing that they hold a valuable place on the team. Take the time to highlight the individual aspects that each player embodies, and play them up in creative ways, like formulating nicknames.



Communication extends far beyond calling plays. If a player seems down and out, figure out why so that the issue doesn’t continue to wear down on their performance. Players are more likely to go harder for a coach that notices changes within them and are committed to creating solutions.


Celebrate Every Win

Some coaches are afraid to celebrate the games that don’t go in their favor out of fear that they will make their players feel comfortable with taking losses or that they would be rewarding underperformance. However, the scoreboard doesn’t necessarily calculate every win, and by making the team aware of their impressive moments, their inner spark will ignite, making them push just as hard the next go around. If there is a high scorer on the roster, give them credit for their achievements, and challenge them to put in that same effort every gameday.


Practice Versus Punish

If a team lacks the physical fitness to keep up with their opposers, scolding them won’t help. In fact, it will take the fun out of the game, causing a drastic dip in morale. Instead of wiping their faces in their shortcomings, let them know where there is room for improvement, and come up with a few effective techniques to get them to the next level.


All in all, true motivation begins and ends with the leader. Once a coach devotes themselves to cheering their team on no matter the weather, everyone else will follow suit.