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Concentration is the key to success in the game of softball. Without concentration on the game, a player will find themselves feeling lost on the field and this will show through to how they are playing. There are a few tips that can help softball players sharpen their focus and concentrate on the big game.


Be Ready for Distractions

When you’re on the field for a big game, you’re going to be surrounded by distractions. You’ll have the noise of the cheering fans, umpires yelling, teammates communicating, and coaches yelling to their teams. You must prepare yourself mentally for all of these distractions.


One great trick for avoiding these distractions is to pick a spot on the field to look at to regain your focus. Whether it the home plate or a tree in the distance, when you look at that spot it will be your reminder to bring your focus back to the game.


Another type of distraction that you should be aware of is your thought process. If you’re worried you are going to mess up while playing, this thought can distract you from playing your best game. Before you even step on the field, try reminding yourself that you have prepared to the best of your abilities and that you will play your best today. This should help to quiet any doubting thoughts that try to creep into your mind during the game.


Focus on the Game

There are four types of focus that will all be working together to help you have a successful softball game. The first type of focus is an internal focus, which refers to the physical movements that your muscles and body make when you are trying to focus. In softball, this may be what you feel in your body when the ball hits the bat. The external focus is focusing on something in the environment like a ball that you need to catch. A narrow focus is when you hone in on what exactly you want to do, like throwing the ball to the pitcher. Lastly, broad focus involves attending to multiple things in the environment such as players running bases while you throw the ball to get someone out at the first base. Being aware of these types of focus will help you to play your best game!