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Softball is one of the most popular sports for girls throughout the United States. Just like every other sport, softball requires a lot of equipment and gear to play at a high level. These items are primarily used to help improve a player’s game and keep them safe on the field. These are the four pieces of gear that are essential for every softball player.

Fielding Mask

The pitching mound and bases are a lot closer to the batter in softball than baseball. This leaves softball players exposed to hard-line drives on a regular basis. This is why it is important that every infielder and pitcher wears a fielding mask. These lightweight masks will protect the entire face from serious injuries if a fielder gets hit with a hard-hit ball. The best thing about these masks is that they are virtually undetectable when playing.

Slide Shorts

The shorts or pants worn during a softball game do not provide a lot of protection for the legs. Sliding on the hard dirt can create a lot of scrapes and cuts on the thighs without the right protection. This is why slide shorts are so important. These shorts are worn like spandex under the uniform, and they have comfortable pads to protect the outer legs when sliding or diving in field.

Softball Bag

Playing softball requires a lot of travel around the local area to attend practices and games. Since softball requires a lot of equipment, every player needs a good softball bag. This bag is designed to hold gloves, cleats, bats, balls, and anything else that will be needed at the game. They even make specialty bags for catchers that have wheels and extra storage space to make it easier to haul all of the protective gear.

Sock Net Screen

When it comes to practicing, a sock net screen is the most essential piece of softball gear. Sock net screens are large pop-up nets that allow players to practice their hitting without having to constantly chase balls. The sock net screen safely catches the batted balls to help speed up the practice session. This is a great way to hit some balls outside when getting to a batting cage is not possible.